The Indian government has expressed a strong commitment towards education for all, however,India still has one of the lowest female literacy rates in Asia. This low level of literacy not only has a negative impact on women’s lives but also on their families’ lives as well and also on the country’s economic development. Numerous studies show that illiterate women have high levels of fertility and mortality, poor nutritional status, low earning potential and negligible autonomy within the household. A woman’s lack of education also has a negative impact on the health and well being of her children. ‘Nation’s progress is impossible without the trained and educated mothers. If the women of our country are not educated, about half of the people will be ignorant”. To educate a girl means to educate a family and a future family line. It actually increases the progress of a family and that of the nation in geometric progression. It is the mother who is the first teacher of the child. If she has no light, how can she light the child’s lamp!

First let us understand the meaning of ‘education’. ‘Education’ is defined as the act or process of imparting or acquiring general knowledge, developing the powers of reasoning and judgment and generally of preparing oneself or others intellectually for a mature life. Education is universally recognized as one of the most fundamental building blocks of human development and is one of the strongest instruments for reducing poverty, improving health, gender equality, peace and stability. In my article, I am mainly focusing on the lack of education given to women which has created poverty and low dignity for them in the society which in turn creates gender distinctions on the right to get education.

Woman has to play three main roles in her life. Each of these roles has to exempt some of her duties. It is only with the help of education that she would be able to do them successfully. The first duty of a woman is to be a good daughter. The second duty is to be a good wife and third duty is to be good mother. Education teaches a woman what she should be. It also teaches her how she should do it to be a good daughter, wife and mother. There is a saying in English ”The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world”. The meaning is clear that a mother exercises a very great influence over lives of the children. She is able to mould their thoughts and character. If she is educated, she will make such an impression on the mind of her child that she will enable the child in later life to be a great person. Women should be given the chance to expose their talents and should be given equal status as men all over the world. Education has major benefits which can bring numerous changes in every person. In common literacy has these benefits:

-Promotes self-respect of the individual.
-Results in better health awareness and care.
-Help raise the status of women.
-Increases participation in the democratic process.
-Brings about an awareness of our individual rights.
-Helps prevent exploitation and illegal earnings.
-Gives the individual greater control over their own lives.
-Promotes environmental awareness.

At present there are still cases of illiteracy in women of the slum areas, rural village areas  as the government is ineffective in providing these basic necessities. People should encourage the thinking that ” Women have equal right on basic fundamental rights irrespective of their status in the society”. In reality the fact is true that behind a successful man, there is woman’s hand. So readers, in short I want to just convey the message that the bright future of our country depends on all round development of the EDUCATED WOMEN ONLY!!!…..