Since 1947, India has been celebrating Independence Day to rejoice in her freedom from imperialism. Its essence is also to recall how much suffering people had undergone during the British rule.We all are now ready to celebrate 65 years of Indian Independence, which is obviously a good day to sing patriotic songs, listen to dignitaries’ speeches and feel passionate about our motherland. However, we tend to forget the basic introspection required that where are we heading, as an Indian and as a Nation?

Of course, we also have to understand and analyze the purpose of our freedom. One can reasonably expect this exercise to be done after a decade or so, when things would have begun to take shape as envisaged before Independence. For a celebration of any achievement by an organization or an annual function, it is the past performance that is normally evaluated. If we look at India, increasing casteism, communalism, corruption, terrorism, etc, are not just the by-products of decadent social system; we all are equally responsible. After 65 years of Indian Independence we are still moving ahead with 64% of literacy rate (not even one percent per annum) along with the total population of 1.22Billion by 2011. In fact, some of the states’ population is all alone equal to the total population of many countries!  

The prime minister of India addresses the nation from Red Fort; a message is conveyed that we are free and this is something to celebrate. It is never mentioned that the country has yet not reached the heights it should have achieved after 65 years of Independence. Political freedom is one thing; economic well-being and the country’s unity and integrity are most significant factors. Dr B.R. Ambedkar warned that if political and social democracy does not go hand in hand, the former will crumble.

Intellectuals and socially and politically awakened citizens presuppose that social democracy will automatically come into effect if urbanization, education, industrialization and globalization happen. Alas! That has not happened. Who is most responsible for this situation? The blame can be squarely laid at the door of the nation’s intellectual class.

All over the world, it is the middle class that has had the maximum impact on the overall social, political and economic development of a successful nation.But somehow we have learnt to live like this; we have learnt to cope with the crowded places, dodge pick pockets in those crowds, face major power cuts, swim across the water logged roads, extending boundaries of poverty, and (most important of all) how to break rules and pay bribe to set free! Moreover, we are piling up our problems by adding: terrorism, racial disputes, regional disputes and violence against women & children.

Every day-each one of us struggles with either of these situations due to forbidden farsightedness of our previous generations. However, this is definitely not the future we all want to live with! So what can be done weed out so many problems without moving a mountain? The answer is simple; all we need is to be a little more careful about following things: 

  • A little more awareness of our fundamental rights
  • Accountable towards our duties
  • Active in our surroundings
  • An effort to rise above race, caste and creed  regarding national issues
  • Development of National Integrity among the Indians
  • Educate our people
  • Choosing and electing right people and recalling already elected wrong people. Then only proper law & order situation can be created.

These are simple steps to follow and execute in our lives for a better future, for a better house of tomorrow.