Students are the future of our Nation. We are taught moral lessons at home and in school such as love  fellow human beings, respect elders, no wrong things should be done, never speak lies, love your country, don’t be jealous etc. But nowadays everywhere crime flourishes. We see corruption; old people are sent out of home and  treated badly. People are unaware of the truth. Jealousy has become the overall base of life.

The importance of life should not be taught, but should be trained. We want to have the training through which we develop the feelings of Nationalism and cultivate moral values in our lives. Besides Education, we should be deeply involved in such works through which we develop feelings of love and brother-hood.  It is the responsibility of our parents and teachers to make future builders of the Nation.

In olden days we used to have “Gurukul” type of Education system in India. The students of gurukul lived a life of tutelage and learnt everything taught by their guru with love and also by putting in lot of hard work . In the gurukul every student was treated equally irrespective of caste and economical status. The students are supposed to leave their homes and their loved ones and come and live at the gurukul Ashram for years to learn the lessons of life from the guru. At the end of the training the students emerged as responsible individuals who were well learned and capable of undertaking any challenge in life. We can explain it in the same way as mud made by God being beautifully moulded as water jug by the potter. We can further apply it to our own lives. Our physical body makers are our parents, like God. But our life makers are our gurus (teachers) who give us a particular turn, shape to our life, just like a potter.

Today Education has become just a nine letter word as a superior term in the dictionary. More over Education system became a business where it is treated like any other profession. The problem is also with us. It is we who make the society. If we improve ourselves, we can improve our society. No one is a born a criminal or a spoilt person. It’s the environment that is deviating the child way from taking the right path. Good teachers can bring the change with good Education imparted to the students. Education is the combination of literacy and morale values. We can’t get good quality of Education if they were to be seen in isolation. 

Students are future of a Nation. Everyone has to prepare individually in the present for their future.They have to be mentally, physically, morally and emotionally fit for the betterment of the society. It will be a great achievement if every person can establish himself or herself as a worthy person.

Education includes all-round development of a person, so I think social, ethical and moral values should be included in our school’s programme. Physical Education, sports and some other extracurricular activities should also be incorporated in our school developmental programme. We should always try to understand the rich culture and heritage of our country. We can be called as “Educated” then and not as “Literates”. Well Educated people can build a good society and a healthy Nation. We can remove the present evils of our society by constantly helping each other. Then our Country will become a dream land and a dream destination.

Folks, please post your views and thoughts about education and the importance of moral values in our life.